Speed up the process
Only recruit qualified candidates
Improve quality-of-hire
Speak directly to target candidates
Reduce costs
Cut recruitment time and cost

What is Smart Sourcing?

Smart Sourcing helps employers go beyond the basic job board posting and standard search practices.

Smart Souring combines cutting-edge recruitment technology, candidate behavior science, and innovative semantic sourcing techniques to build a dynamic messaging strategy that speaks directly to your “target candidate.”

Smart Sourcing helps to improve the quality-of-hire, and it accelerates the speed of hire.



Why a different approach

We believe that recruitment is becoming more and more specialized and that attracting a candidate is no longer about just selling a job or simply building an employer brand. First, you need to connect on a human level with your prospective candidates.

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When to work with us

Companies use our services when filling specialty roles, such as new, multi-functional, hybrid, or specialized roles. They use our smart sourcing solutions because hiring for these specialty roles requires varying customized recruitment strategies that are tailored to each position.

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How Smart Sourcing works

We speed up the hiring process by offering a full-service sourcing approach where we not only find the best candidates, but we also create engagement through a personalized messaging strategy.

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Smart Sourcing Process

Our full-service sourcing in four steps.

Candidate Segmentations

Map out
Talent Clusters

Design and execute
customized Social Recruitment Campaign

Candidate Shortlist Presentation

Smart sourcers

Save time, hire better, faster.